Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grayson's going to have a LITTLE SISTER!!!!!

today we found out we are having a baby girl! we could not be more thrilled! i don't think it has really sunk in that i am going to have a DAUGHTER!! AHH! sooo exciting! i know in my post yesterday i said i wasnt going to find out the sex because Travis wasn't there, but here's the story! So i am laying there getting my ultrasound and the dr. asks me if i want to know the sex of the baby, and naturally, i practically scream out yes! so she says, "it's a...." and i say, "but you cant tell me!!" she looked at me like i was cuckoo or something but then i explained to her i couldnt find out bc my husband wasnt there, yadda yadda yadda! So she says she understands and that if i would like she could write down the sex of the baby and put it in a sealed envelope and we could open it together when he got home! I agreed! So i call travis as soon as i get out of the dr and told him about the "special envelope" i had in my posession and thought we needed a Skype date tonight bc i didnt think i could wait til friday when he got home. i thought i could open it while he watched on skype! he agreed! so i was super excited! but not even 5 minutes later he called and told me to open it now bc he couldnt wait either! SO in the middle of Westpark Tollway, i rip open this envelope to find this note (above) saying: "IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!" i nearly had a heart attack and wrecked my car! i am still in disbelief, but we are beyond ecstatic! Now if only we could find a name! there is only one name so far i am in love with that i think is JUST right but the hubby doesn't agree! We cant seem to find one that we both love. if it were up to me, i would have already made the decision. however, travis at one point was totally opposed to the name Grayson, so you never know! hopefully the name i love will grow on him!

Monday, December 14, 2009

one week!

because grayson came 5 weeks early for no known reason, my doctor is recommending i go see a perinatal specialist just for precautionary measures. my appointment is tomorrow and im so wishing the hubby was in town bc i have the chance to find out what our precious blessing is!!! BUT since he's not, we will have to wait til monday to find out at our next check-up! it's only one more week, but it seems so long since technically i could find out tomorrow. but im not... i promise, because i want all three of us to be together when we find out. needless to say im so excited for next monday! with as much as im dying to have a baby girl, lately ive been wanting another little boy.... so i will be tickled with whatever God blesses us with! i was 18 weeks on friday and my tummy has just popped out, just enough that if i wear a fitted shirt i have that nice chubby look...haha! ill post a picture soon! my energy is definitely coming back and im feeling a million times better! i think we have finally picked a boy name, but still on the hunt for a girl name..we just cant seem to agree on one and im not going to settle for just okay...after all, it is our childs name they will be stuck for for life!

these days Grayon is into EVERYTHING and so so curious! he is so close to walking it's scary! i think all it's going to take is for him to not be scared to let go and then the chase will be on! he gets so proud when he takes steps without help and it's so precious! aside from that, im pretty sure he is part whale because of his insane love with taking baths and making as big of splashes as possible. im in the splash zone every night! he has so much fun in the bath! he absolutely loves food...of all kinds! if i fed him all day, he would eat all day. im so glad hes not a picky eater like i was as a baby! aside from ma-ma, da-da, ba-ba, and po-po, his favorite thing to say is uh-uh (like uh uh , no way). everything is uh-uh... i thought they weren't supposed to talk balk til later...haha! he is just so full of life and it is so fun watching him discover everything new and how everything works! my house is a disaster bc of this though, but oh well! ive just learned to clean up after he goes to bed at night bc otherwise as soon as i clean one thing up, he tears it up seconds later! little toot! he loves nothing more than to scatter the tupperware cabinet across the house and his basket full of diapers! oh joy!

on another note, i havent even started Christmas shopping, nor do i have the slighest idea of what to get anyone this year! i hate giving a gift, just to give a gift. i want it to be the perfect gift, well-thought out and just right for that person! so this week and next week ill be hitting the stores along with all the other procrastinating shoppers! not looking forward to the crowds and lines!

hope everybody had a great weekend!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

a blessed winter wonderland.

Yesterday was up there with one of the best days ever! Everything about Snow Day 2009 was fabulous! 1. it actually snowed. 2. it actually stuck to the ground. 3. the family was all together to play in the snow. 4. Travis built the first snowman ive ever seen!
I made an attempt to take some family pictures but Grayson was not a fan of the cold, so our first attempts with the self- timer didnt work out. Thankfully, the snowmen Travis started building attracted quite a few viewers, so they offered to take our family picture! Here are a few pictures from our fun-filled day!
our family

my precious snow angel

my little bitty NOT enjoying the cold

mommy and bitty

the glover's with our 1st snowman

the glover snowman family
daddy, baby, bitty, mommy

Thank you God for yesterday because it was incredible. I'm so glad that i live in Texas, or better yet, in Richmond, where it never snows because it makes us so much more grateful and thankful for when it does snow! It was so beautiful watching the snow fall and cover the grass and rooftops with blankets of white! When it really started coming down, im embarassed to admit, but it brought tears to my eyes... i'm just going to blame that on my pregnancy hormones though...haha! I loved our snowman family that Travis built.... hands down, best daddy ever! We had all kinds of neighbors stopping to take pictures and telling Travis how cool and special that was! But some hoodlum kids came and knocked them down! RUDE!!!! But what was so cool, was when we came home from dinner, somebody had put them all back together for us! I thought it was very sweet! The only downside of yesterday is that my Uggs are still saturated with water :( ! Oh well! It was well worth it! I hope all of you had as wonderful of a snow day as we did! Stay warm this weekend!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

snow day.

tonight, i am praying for snow! i hope so badly that the weatherman is right. i realize more than likely it wont snow, but oh how wonderful it would be! we are behind on Christmas cards because we have no family pictures recent enough, so im really hoping to catch a few moments in the snow with the family for the perfect Christmas card pic! when i started this blog, i realized how terrible i am about family pictures. i have a MILLION of gray, quite a few of daddy and gray, even less of me and gray, and i think a total of FIVE, yes five family pictures! TERRIBLE! so im on a mission to also be a better "family photographer!" which brings me to the fact that i would LOVE a new camera from Santa this year! i hate that my camera takes about 10 seconds to take the picture, bc gray moves ALOT in 10 seconds, so i dont get to capture all the precious moments i think im capturing. SO, any suggestions?!?!?

speaking of Christmas, a fellow facebook friend of mine had this as her status yesterday and i loved it! i thought it was special and honest, and that i should share it with all you fellow bloggers!


to your enemy, forgiveness

to an opponent, tolerance

to a friend, your heart

to a customer, service

to all, charity

to every child, a good example

to yourself, respect

-Oren Arnold

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

new & improved

so im not the worlds best blogger and my attempt #1 was a complete failure. so im hoping that the new and improved blog will help to inspire me to be a better blogger! i was sitting looking at gray tonight thinking how quick time has gone and how he already has a different smile and a different look and a different face for everything than before and i got really upset that i wasnt good about documenting. so I'M BACK for round 2 and hopefully better than before! although it wouldnt take much of an attempt to be better! anyways, i figure i would start off with some things going on in our lives right now!

1. As most of you already know, Grayson is going to be a big brother in May! In just three weeks we find out if our "little bun in the oven" is a boy or a girl. Everyone (including me, most of the time) thinks it is going to be a girl, going off of how polar opposite my pregnancy has been this time in comparison to my pregnancy with Grayson. However, i also feel that since everyone feels so strongly that i might get a curveball and it will be a boy. I'll take either gladly! But how i wish i could have a real- live doll for dress-up! Horrible i know!

2. Travis leaves next month for Korea for a month. I have very bittersweet feelings about it. Bitter because he will be gone for a month, and sweet because he will finally have his job back to normal. They shut down the rig he was on in September, so its been a tough few months, which i sure many people can relate to!

3. Grayson was 13 months old yesterday, and i still cant believe he isnt my little newborn anymore. i wish so badly i could freeze him, but he his personality shines through more and more everyday and he keeps us rolling laughing. He has been the absolute greatest joy.

4. Im so excited for Christmas season. Something about this time of year just makes me so happy....could it be the trees, the lights, the music, the weather, the christmas cards, the family time?!?! I can't believe my little baby wont fit inside his stocking this year. tear.

5. I am finally starting to not feel naseous everyday. Thank you God! I never thought i was going to reach that day.

6. I wish I could have just about every item on Etsy.

7. I can not wait til we get our first house so i can decorate it. I fantasize about that day. It shouldnt be that much longer!

8. Im dying to see The Blind Side. I havent been to see a movie in theatres since The dark Knight!

9. I have met some wonderful new friends this year, gotten closer with some old friends, and lost a few friends. All of which i am certain has happened for a reason! I feel very blessed to have those in my life.

10. I always talk about how much i love grayson, grayson this, grayson that, and forget to give credit to my hubby far too often! He has been the most incredible man throughout this pregnancy. So helpful in every way! I dont think i could have survived the first trimester without him! Travis couldnt have been laid off at a better time. God always knows best! Now im feeling back to normal and it's time for Trav to go overseas! I love you boo boo, so much! Im so proud of you!

11. Speaking of Travis and Grayson, i could watch the two of them play forever! They are hilarious and Grayson just looks at Travis like he's his hero. It's precious. They melt my heart multiple times a day!

ok well it's late and im off to bed. i promise to be a better blogger!

p.s. im trying to put pictures up, but they keep going to the top of my post, can someone please tell me how to put them in between the different parts!