Sunday, January 24, 2010

the bump!

24 weeks.... and growing!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

currently wanting....

her precious leopard baby legs!

mommy and baby jammies for the hospital in pink leopard (thanks to mrs. tich, im obsessing!)

gracie's newborn photo sesh outfit

how precious is this?!

milk bands for nursing mama... love the lavender

this whole outfit with leopard backdrop included..haha!

Friday, January 22, 2010

high maintenance.

everyone has always said that girls are high maintenance. well, my little miss gracie in the making is no exception. as ive mentioned earlier, im seeing a prenatal specialist with this pregnancy so we dont have any early suprises like last time! well i went in for a check-up with the specialist today and exactly what they were afraid might happen, has started happening already. everything is going perfect with the baby, it is me that has something wrong. i wont go into the details about it bc i dont know who reads my blog and dont want to share too personal of details, but we are doing all the steps to prevent anything from happening pre-term. i now have to receive weekly, to the day, progesterone injections to the hip and im supposed to not squat or bend over or anything strenuous...but hello, i have a 15-month old that is needy for attention and mama's love! there is only so much i can do in that department. so, im praying the injections do the trick. naturally, it has me very nervous but thankfully, i have a very supportive husband that reassures me, everything will be ok. and i have all the faith in the world it will, but this is my little angel we are talking about here, can you blame me for being nervous?!

on a different note, gray has been sick since sunday and has been just pitiful, but i think we are finally on the uphill slope! it's not fun having stay in with this beautiful weather! im looking forward to getting out, going to park and going for walks, just enjoying the sunshine!

im 24 weeks today, and miss gracie is a busy, busy girl! i swear she is training for the u.s. olympic gymnastic team! my belly is just growing, growing, growing! i swear i will get some pictures soon...i just have no idea how to work the self-timer on my new camera! so far i haven't had any food cravings, but i never really had any when i was pregnant with grayson. grayson is quite amused with mommy's growing belly and he likes to pat on it, like he's saying hi to sister, then he lays his head on it. to me, it's so sweet, like he knows his little sister is in there! i just love it!

grayson is into anything and everything. he is ALL boy, constantly covered with bruises on his forehead from falling into everything. he loves playing with his crazy coupe, anything with wheels, turning his toys on and off, splashing likea mad man in the bath, grabbing the wheels on my car in the driveway, daddy's bp hat, po-po his polar bear, giving granny's dogs WAY too many treats, torturing the cats to no end, eating anything and everything in sight and anything that could get him in trouble! he still isn't much of a talker, but im not worried.... he has done everything else on his own timeline, so i expect the same with words and talking. he is such a blessing! i cant wait to see him interact with Gracie!

it's been a long day, off to bed! hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
p.s. sorry there are no pictures! ive been taking millions trying out my new camera, but im still getting it figured out! hopefully, next time!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

hook 'em horns!!!!

tonight, i feel so proud of my longhorns. even though we lost the championship, it was one hell of a game. gilbert played a fabulous game....his first collegiate game and it was the national championship! i mean come on!!! he pulled it off great!!we had 6 minutes on the clock and were down by 3, with a 2nd string quarterback in the national championship game!!!! he should be very proud! i feel incredibly sorry for colt mccoy. you know he was absolutely devastated to not be able to play his 1. last college game for UT and 2. the national championship. i also feel really ticked off that people that are native Texans are going against live in TEXAS people, hello?! support your state!
with that said, i feel extremely proud to be a texas ex! i am proud of my team, and proud of how they played! hook 'em horns!!!!!!