Friday, August 20, 2010


the only thing growing faster than my kids these days are weeds! i mean, what the heck, in two months grayson will be TWO and gracie is already almost 4 months. i know ive said it a million times, but i wish time would just slow down before my babies are teenagers in need of an attitude adjustment!
gracie is really coming into her own little personality, laughing and smiling all the time. she is such a happy baby! ive been so blessed to have two very easy going children, that are both awesome sleepers! she is busting out of all her 3-6 months clothes. i put her in some jammies last night that were 6-12 months and they fit her jsut fine. SERIOUSLY gracie, slow down!!! gracie started rolling over yesterday. i knew it was coming soon. it's so weird bc she has been slightly early or right on time for everything developmentally for age... grayson was so behind on everything he did, so it's definitely change for me!
everytime grayson wakes up from a nap or in the mornings i swear he looks older and grows more hair...haha! hes starting to get taller and thin out. before i know it im going to have a lean two year old! he has mastered swimming this summer and loves the water and has NO fear, AT ALL which is good and bad. he would rather be in the pool than do anything at all. he is OBSESSED with a few certain foods: peanut butter, hot sauce, fruit (esp. grapes) and chips of any kind. peanut butter takes the cake for him though. EVERY single day, multiple times a day, he heads for the pantry to get the jar of peanut butter and wants to eat it by the spoonful. i wonder if his love of peanut butter has anything to do with the fact i craved (and therefore satisfied my cravings) peanut butter sandwiches every day i was preggers with him?! he is so in to the mechanics of how everything works, and it takes him no time at all to figure it out. he definitely gets that from his daddy and his grandfathers! he's really starting to grow up and help me with things around the house. it's so weird! its so insane to me how absorbant their little brains are and how it only takes seeing something one time to learn it.
here's a few pictures of my babies while they are still babies!
grayson smothering his sister and gracie having to take charge of the situation
grayson thinks he is too cool for school with his new shades

gracie bell and her cousin, taylor kay

slumber party at grayson's with his cousins

grayson and his best friend
(travis had to go back to work last night and grayson already is missing him. it breaks my heart)

my little fish! such a good little swimmer!

my pride and joys

grayson got his first job: the new pool boy
my beautiful blue-eyed girl after a swim
grayson or gracie? i normally dont think my babies even look related, but i know this picture is one we will look back and wonder which kid it is..... she looks just like grayson as a baby here.

i know when gracie gets older shell kill me for showing this pic to the public, but it cracks me up. she is SUCH a girl. grayson was all over her (as usual) and she was getting so pissed. you could totally tell. and this picture simply proves how aggravated she was with her brother...haha!

grayson just hanging out in one of his drawers from his playroom

sweet girl, literally one second before she rolled over for the first time

Friday, August 13, 2010


Blah. Ive been in a blog funk bad. I cant seem to get out of it bc everytime i tell myself i need toblog, if only for the sake of keeping track of my babies, i get so overwhelmed of thinking about where to start. SO, im going to try now, get caught up by list of everything going on since my last post (like 5 years ago) and then start fresh!

1. gracie is a month old
2. travis and i have our first evening out sans children to celebrate some sweet friends getting married!

3. my in-laws move overseas to Singapore, so we postpone our house hunting and move into their house for a year while they are gone.

4. i celebrate my 24th birthday.

5. we celebrate travis's first father's day with two precious angels!

6. grayson is 20 months old!
7. we had our first health scare with gracie girl. ended up in texas childrens for a weekend, including her 1st fourth of july and her 2 month "birthday", with meningitis.

8. grayson said "i love you!" TEARS OF JOY!!! this was like music to my ears, heaven on earth, especially considering my little bitty rarely ever talks!

9. gracie bell started smiling and cooing.... more music to my ears! so precious!

10. grayson becomes crazy, obsessed, attached to "brown bear," ironically just 2 days after i had told his ped that i was so glad he wasn't attached to anything that he just had to have in order to leave the house. jokes on me!

11. continue to fall more and more in love with my little angels everyday!

12. gracie started laughing.
13. grayson turned 21 months old. (is he really that close to 2?)
14. Gracie Kampbell is 3 months old. Seriously, time, where are you going?

OKAY! So i think that brings us up to date! Hopefully i wont fall behind like that again!
And here are just a couple more pictures of the ones i love the most!