Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hello. i love you.

let's be honest. i suck at blogging. i have too much to update on tonight, so here are some precious pictures of the ones i love/adore/obsess over the most!

cutest boy ive ever laid eyes on!
nine months old! come back time!

nibbling on some crackers

swimming in january one day, preparing for a freeze the next!

bathtime fun!

probably my favorite picture ever!

so proud on the big boy swing!

grayson wins the race!

handsome mr.

my little beauty

BEST buds

handsome blue-eyed boy (dont mind his poor busted lip!)

not sure who had more fun at the park!

happy boy on the slide!

she thought it was hilarious!
having so much fun at the park

i simply adore this man!

happy girl

"oh my gosh, mom, did you see the size of sister's bow?!"
precious love

my little angels!
(trav's name for gracie)


someone adores her brother