Saturday, April 17, 2010

look, you can see her hair flowing.....

just a quick little pregnancy/ Gracie girl update:

Miss Grace Kampbell will be here absolutely no later than May 3rd!!!! AHHHHH!!!! i am so excited, i dont even know what to do with myself! we went in yesterday for my last visit to my specialist and found out a few things about our girl:
1. she has extremely chubby cheeks :) love a chubby baby!
2. she has a dainty little nose, like our bitty
3. she has plump lips.... not sure where those came from bc we all are lacking in the lip department on both sides.
4. she weighs 6 lbs 6 oz.... already bigger than her brother was
5. SHOCK FACTOR: gracie girl apparently has a full head of hair..... they tried to show us her hair flowing when they jiggled her..... ill have to see it to believe it! a newborn with hair, and an 18 month thats still bald.... haha! i cant wait to compare all the similarities and differences in my little angels!

so our gracie girl is on the right track and doing wonderfully! i'm still doing good too, however my fluid levels have gone WAY up again, which is why my dr will induce no later than may 3rd, if she hasnt already come! if my water were to break, i would lose a GALLON of fluid! talk about a mess. that gallon of fluid i have weighs just over 8 pounds.... thats ALOT of fluid! hopefully my water doesnt break out in public.....CLEAN UP, AISLE 5!