Saturday, May 29, 2010 4

hello lovely bloggers!
i hope everyone had as wonderful of a day as we did. nothing that special went on, but it was just one of those really good days! we got up this morning, threw some clothes on, brushed our teeth and headed out the door to... TOYS R US! as promised by granny, grayson got a really awesome pirate ship water table for being such a good big brother (and to make grayson feel special, bc his sister seems to be getting quite a bit of attention these days)! the pirate ship is so fun and has so many cool little things to play with on it. it was quite a success! we are super into pirates right now. grayson's 2nd birthday is going to be pirate themed. is it too soon to be planning? i mean it is only 5 months away...haha! anyway, we grabbed lunch and headed home for an afternoon of playing! we were having too much fun to even think about the camera, so i have no pictures but it's not the last time he'll be playing with it! i totally forgot about "embrace the camera" today, so here is a quick shot just before bath time! and just a couple others of my lovies just for smiles!
first attempt- gracie about to let out a scream and grayson about to smack me in the head with his yogurt melts and make them go flying all over the bed and floor!

second attempt-gracie's still not into it and grayson is sad i removed the yogurt melts from his hands!

my perfect little princess

boys will be boys...this picture had me ROLLING laughing. it looks nothing like him with those mud-caked eyebrows! he was covered head to toe, and couldnt be happier about it!

Friday, May 28, 2010 3

bitty and mommy before going over to the sturgeon's
(apparently grayson was looking at something else with the left eye- haha)
mommy kissing on gracie girl

gracie trying to nurse mommy's nose it was another low key day around here today. grayson played in his "mud pit" and i watched and laughed hysterically, while soaking up some sun myself. gracie slept. and ate. repeat. later this evening, the babies and i headed over to the sturgeon's, jeremy's parents, and enjoyed a yummy BBQ dinner with good company! grayson got to love up on aunt haley and uncle jere, play with some of baby owen's books, and eat lots of food; he was a happy camper! gracie slept and got snuggled up by jeremy's parents. you can tell they cant wait to be grandparents! wont be long before sweet owen is here! hope you all had a happy friday!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

grace kampbell glover

ok i am finally getting out of my blog funk, so i figure first things first, i need to introduce
to the blog world!!!

so here's her story: we checked in bright and early at 5 a.m. on may 4th. by 5:30 all the paper work was signed and it was time to get the ball rolling.

trav and i right after we got checked in

at 6, they hooked my IV up and started me on my pitocin. it wasnt long before my contractions started getting pretty rough, so by 9, i was ready for my epidural. they had quite a problem getting it in right, so it took about 45 mins.... torture to be stabbed in the spine amidst multiple progressing contractions. by 11 a.m. i was practically crossing my legs to keep gracie in bc i was trying to wait for my mom and bitty to get there. for some reason i had it in my head that i really needed to see grayson before i had her. not the case, gracie had a different plan. she wasnt waiting for anybody. 8 minutes of pushing and 6 contractions later, here she is....

grace kampbell glover

may 4th, 2010 11:52 a.m.

7 lbs 12 oz and 20 1/2 inches long

our first family picture- epic fail yet so priceless

grayson has since warmed up quite nicely to his sister, smothering her with kisses ALL day long. he had more of an issue warming up to me, but once travis had to go back to work, he didnt have much of a choice. its been quite an adjustment with two babies, but amazing nonetheless. im learning new ways to adapt every day and things NOT to do every day! for example, today grayson chugged some tea then leaned over gracie's car seat to give her a kiss, and puked all over her. note to self.. dont let grayson chug tea and then go in for a kiss! poor gracie! it's been quite interesting! now that im out of my blog funk, there will be lots more stories to come of laughs, joys, frustrations and such of being a mommy of two! 2

i didnt participate yesterday but i am now!
a picture of mommy and my little angels!

Monday, May 3, 2010

the bump

one more day til i get to hold you in my arms, sweet girl