Tuesday, January 4, 2011

gracie bell: 8 months

i can't believe my teeny tiny newborn is EIGHT months old!

you are the sweetest bundle of joy and a total mama's girl!

you are all over the place now and so busy, so much busier than your brother ever was!

i love comparing/contrasting the two of yall because yall are so similar, yet so different.

you are looking more and more like him everyday. most people think you always have, but i don't see it that often.

you recently have turned into quite the screech owl. it is piercing and for some reason you love to "screech" mostly out in public! oh joy!

you refuse to eat any baby food, although i still try quite often. i couldn't pry your lips open to save my life, if i wanted to.

on the other hand, you LOVE any other food, other than baby food. you love yogurt melts and puffs. and i have let you eat a few things here and there that we eat, that is bland and i can turn into mush.... you have loved everything you've tried.

you still have just your 6 teeth but you are working on quite a few more. your first six all came in at 5 months and within 2 weeks of eachother, so you must be getting ready to have a new "batch!"

on the subject of teeth, you are still only breast fed, but that might be changing soon because you bite like a pirranha! i want to do everything the same as i did with your brother, so im trying my hardest to tough it out til you are the least 10 1/2 months old. you also refuse to take a bottle, so that will be another challenge in itself.

you are a typical girl with mood swings.... mostly when it comes to your brother. most of the time you are beyond tolerant of him and how rough he is with you, and you think he is THE funniest person on the planet, but some days, all he has to do is look at you and you start screaming. haha! yall both just idolize eachother and i could sit and watch yall forever!

your favorite time of day, hands down, is bath time. you could not be cuter if you tried when you take a bath. you can make an insanely huge mess for such a petite young lady! you splash just like shamu and think it's the funniest thing ever!

happy eight months my angel! im so glad God picked me you be your and grayson's mommy!
i attempted to feed gracie yet again today. she hated it (shocker) so i just let her play!
this stuff is gross mom!

LOVE this precious baby girl!
clean-up time
splash zone!

love you grace kampbell. you're my favorite girl in the world.

for your viewing pleasure:
(and bc we can't have a post without joe cool!)

could not love them more if i tried!
happy girl

p.s. im thinking i might make three of these for the babes playroom. i have this one blank wall that needs something, and i thought they could be cute there, done in their playroom colors, obviously! OR i might make the letter canvases, since they have the same initials! not sure. i love the idea of the stripes on the canvases either way!
p.p.s. grayson peed in the big boy potty for the first time last night!!!!! WOOHOO!!! but wasn't interested at all today. potty training....what a joy!

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 resolutions

both of my babies are down for a nap at the same time (HEAVEN!), so im going to use my quiet time to blog about what my new year's resolutions are! im hoping that if i take the time to sit down, write them out for others to see, then maybe i will hold myself more accountable! with that said.....

1. i want to read my Bible cover to cover this year. i have started a plan via an ipod app that maps out a reading schedule for me, daily. i don't have to follow the schedule exactly, but it keeps me somewhat on track. i need/like schedule in my life!

2. im not even going to say, lose weight, bc we all know, that goes out the window within a couple weeks or so... or in my case on thursday, when i go have sprinkles with some lovely mamas! so my goal is to be healthier this year!

3. with that said, i want to cook more this year. i dont cook that often, because for 6 months of the year my husband is gone and i hate cooking big meals for just me and gray, bc i dont really eat leftovers. i feel like so much is wasted.... not to mention cooking and cleaning dishes is a lot of work with two kids and no hubby around! but this year i am going to try harder bc soon gracie will be eating too! so im excited to try lots of new recipes.... any yummy ones yall have, please send my way!!!

4. work on my patience. until i had grayson, i had absolutely no patience, so i have come leaps and bounds since, but im still not all that wonderful, all the time. travis is currently working 3 weeks on, 3 weeks off and by about mid-week 2, my patience reallys starts wearing down, bc im ready for a break, need a break! so, to my precious babies, i will try my hardest everyday to be the most patient i can be!

5. pray more. i pray alot, but there are times when a few days and, even a couple times, a week or so slip by me, without praying. it is important to me to pray more, count my blessings, and thank God for everything he has done in my life!

6. i need to make more of an effort to dedicate more alone time/date nights with my sweet husband. for some reason i feel guilty wanting to steal him away for some alone time bc he is away from the kids so much already, but i also know it is important for our marriage and relationship to have that time. starting in february travis will be going to libya to work for the next 1-2 years, with a month on, a month off schedule, so i know it is more important than ever that i get good quality time with him when he's home.

7. potty train gray. prayers are appreciated... haha! not looking forward to tackling this obstacle!

8. be more punctual. since i have had grayson, i am consistantly a good 10 mins late for everything. even if i try leaving 10 mins early, i still manage to be 10 mins late. i dont like it about myself and it irritates the hubby. so i am going to focus on that!
9. be better about my blogging. im going to try really hard on that, solely for the fact of documenting moments with my lovies.
10. go to bed earlier at night. im a night owl and a morning hater, always have been. i tend to stay up WAY too late and then wake up when the kids get up, so i think i could be a better mom with more sleep.... and it will probably help my patience too!

11. soak up every single second of my little angels because they are growing up so riduculously fast, i can't stand it!

here's to hoping i can keep all my resolutions til 2012! what were some of yall's new year's resolutions?